Paul Simpson continues to explain the points to pay attention to during the economic recovery steps that will follow the COVID-19 and urges investors, governments and policymakers to comply with the Paris Agreement goals.

The Investor Agenda, of which CDP is one of the members, published a statement entitled “A sustainable recovery from COVID-19” and invited investors from all over the world to fight critical risks related to climate change.

This policy briefing is CDP’s first look at the actions taken by companies on Nature-based Solutions within its forests’ disclosure data. Companies are increasingly recognizing the impact they are having on the environment throughout their supply chains and are starting to plan and implement corrective actions within their operations. 


CDP works to transform the way the world does business to prevent dangerous climate change and protect our natural resources. We see a world where capital is efficiently allocated to create long-term prosperity rather than short-term gain at the expense of our environment. Click here for details.



CDP Climate Change

We believe that improving corporate awareness through measurement and disclosure is essential to the effective management of carbon and climate change risk. We request information on climate risks and low carbon opportunities from the world’s largest companies on behalf of 525 institutional investor signatories with a combined US$96 trillion in assets.


CDP Water

CDP's water program motivates companies to disclose and reduce their environmental impacts by using the power of investors and customers. The data CDP collects helps influential decision makers to reduce risk, capitalize on opportunities and drive action towards a more sustainable world.