CDP works to transform the way the world does business to prevent dangerous climate change and protect our natural resources. CDP sees the world where capital is efficiently allocated to create long-term prosperity rather than short-term gain at the expense of our environment. 

Evidence and insight is vital to driving real change. CDP uses the power of measurement and information disclosure to improve the management of environmental risk. By leveraging market forces including shareholders, customers and governments, CDP has incentivized thousands of companies and cities across the world’s largest economies to measure and disclose their environmental information. CDP puts this information at the heart of business, investment and policy decision-making. 

CDP is a not-for-profit organization operating worldwide supervised by a UK regulated charity. CDP’s process is designed to reduce the reporting burden for all companies by allowing companies to report once to many, through CDP, and thereby avoid numerous requests for information from private companies. 

Launched in London in 2000, CDP has the world's most extensive environmental reporting system and holds the world's largest institutional climate change, water, urban sustainability and forest-risk data. Through CDP’s global system companies, investors and cities are better able to mitigate risk, capitalize on opportunities and make investment decisions that drive action towards a more sustainable world. By 2017, CDP is acting on behalf of 800 investors representing $100 trillion in assets. CDP, initiated to collect and share information that will enable companies, investors and governments to take measures against climate change threats, makes approximately 6,000 institutions voluntarily disclose to the public and investors about greenhouse gas emissions, climate change strategies and sustainable water use through CDP platform. Data collected on behalf of investors are used in business, investment and policy-making processes with the help of analyses and reports prepared by CDP. 

CDP has been active all over the world not only with its main programs but also with its campaign and environmental actions. CDP works with other leading environmental organizations in partnership such as the United Nations' environmental organizations and projects (such as UNPRI, UNEP) Caring for Climate, WWF, WBCSD, CDSB, Integrated Reporting and WRI and supports all enterprises and organizations, especially environment-related ones, as a leading authority. 

The environmental data of Borsa Istanbul Sustainability Index is collected with reference to the CDP. In the context of CDP's cooperation with the Global Reporting Initiative, environmental questions were paired with CDP questionnaire. CDP is one of the leaders of the "Portfolio Decarbonisation" movement that launched in particular before the Paris process (COP21). CDP is also one of the leading institutions of "We Mean Business" campaign. Within this campaign, hundreds of leading companies have already took action to implement Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) set by governments in Paris, making commitments under many different environmental topics. The scope of the campaign continues to expand rapidly.

CDP Turkey

Companies responding to CDP Turkey find a chance to share their climate change policies with international institutional investors, thanks to CDP’s global reporting platform. CDP Turkey has missions such as enabling dialogue between companies, help consulting firms in terms of their visibility, support policies to reduce the effects of climate change, move environmental risk management to corporate governance level, educate and inform responding companies about possible benefits and share good examples.

CDP Turkey 2018 Climate Change and Water Program Results have launched on March 27, 2019 at Zorlu Performing Arts Center with the event called "CDP Turkey 2018 Climate Change Conference". In the event, CDP Turkey Climate Leaders Awards have also been announced; Arçelik, Aselsan and Garanti Bank have received their awards as CDP Turkey Climate Leaders.

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Information about the CDP Water Program can be found here.

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