The webinar titled "Why Companies Should Set Science-Based Targets: Examples of Good Practices, Technical Insights, and Necessary Actions" discussed science-based goals, technical insights into implementation, and actions to be taken.


The event commenced with a presentation by Mirhan Köroğlu Göğüş, Country Programs Manager at CDP, on the connection between CDP & SBTi and an introduction to Science-Based Targets. This was followed by a presentation from Elif Nur Çetin, Climate Strategy Leader at Semtrio, on "Net-Zero Targets," "How to Set Targets," and Recent Developments, including exemplary practices.


Later in the event, Aylin Erdil, Director of Sustainability Business Development at Brisa, shared Brisa's experiences during this process. The event concluded with the answering of questions submitted by participants.


You can access the Q&A document from here.

You can access the webinar presentation material from here.


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