Highlights from Water Europe's Latest Newsletter

The new bulletin of Water Europe, which was founded in 2004 with the initiative of the European Commission and of which CDP is a member, was released.

Here are some highlights:

-In an interview with Mirjam Wolfrum, Director of CDP Europe Policy Engagement, Wolfrum shared important information about water safety and CDP's insights on this issue[1].

Wolfrum said, “Water security will be one of the biggest challenges facing companies, investors, governments and citizens in the coming years. We continue to use our water resources inefficiently in all sectors and 80% of wastewater is still discharged." She added that the sectors that have a key role in achieving EU Water targets are the food, energy, industry, textile, chemical and mining sectors.

Lydia Vamvakeridou Lyroudia, leader of the Water Europe Energy and Water Working Group, said that they are currently preparing a report on "energy optimization for the water systems and water industry". “In the same context, we examine the technologies we encounter in the field of renewable and zero emission energy (for example geothermal energy) and determine what they need to develop these technologies,” Lyroudia added.[2]

-United Nations World Water Report 2020 which is entitled “Climate Change and Water” was recently released. It was stated in the report that combining climate change adaptation and mitigation, through water, is a win-win-win proposal. First, it benefits water resources management and improves the provision of water supply and sanitation services. Second, it directly contributes to combating both the causes and impacts of climate change, including disaster risk reduction. You can click here for the full report.

-CDP hosts a webinar on "CDP Water Security Disclosure" on Tuesday, April 28. We invite all of you to join this webinar as the proper management of water risks will become increasingly important for investors and companies. Please click here to register.

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