The global state of freshwater resources is a growing concern, affecting both nature and people with risks such as scarcity, floods, droughts, and pollution. Businesses face material risks, including operational disruptions and reputational damage, due to water-related challenges. Water stewardship has emerged as a crucial focus for companies, offering an opportunity for stakeholders to collaborate on solutions. Various frameworks guide businesses in responsible water management, with science-based targets for freshwater use seen as a key step.

These targets, part of the Science Based Targets for Nature (SBTN) initiative, are specific, measurable, and time-bound, helping companies contribute to global sustainability goals. The SBTN’s Freshwater Hub, a collaborative effort by organizations like CDP and WWF, provides technical guidance aligned with existing standards and frameworks. Embracing these frameworks is strategic for sustainable practices, enabling companies to manage water resources responsibly and positively impact the environment.

The paper, "Corporate water stewardship and science-based targets for freshwater," aims to provide clarity on integrating these frameworks for setting science-based targets and advancing water action efforts.

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