CDP Turkey 2016 – Water Training Program
Welcoming and Lunch: 13:30 – 14.00
Session 1: 14.00 – 15.30
• 14:00-14:35  Global water issues 
o Participants will begin to understand why water as a critical business issue as well as investor interest in CDP’s water data, including how intervention.
• 14:35-15:30  Responding to water challenges
o Using case studies over the last year, participants will learn how other companies have been impacted by water, and how they have responded. 
Coffee Break:  15.30 – 15.45 
Session 2: 15.45 – 17.15
• 15:45- 16:35  Benefits of disclosing CDP’s Water information request
o Participants will learn about the benefits if disclosing as well as receive an outline of the water questionnaire
• 16:35- 17:00  Water scoring
o Participants will understand how scoring drives business action, as well as the changes to the water scoring methodology in 2016. Participants will begin thinking more about water scoring in relation to their business.
• 17.00-17.30  Discussion and Q&A  
o A couple of prompting questions will be placed on screen. Kristian will be hand to answer any questions. 
Discussion Questions:
• What are the key water issues in Turkey, and how do they affect your company?
• Collecting better water data – challenges and how to overcome them.
• Stakeholder engagement on water – what dialogues are happening, and what dialogues should be happening now?
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