CDP published its first research report for investors on the Shipping Sector. It ranks 18 of the largest publicly listed Shipping companies on business readiness for a low-carbon economy transition. The universe covers a diverse range of companies but focuses on the Bulk, Container and Tanker business segments of companies’ operations. The key findings of the report are as follows:

  • Shipping companies failing to push for the critical technologies required to reduce their carbon footprint, such as emission-free ships.
  • Slowing down ships can reduce emissions by around 30% but this is a short-term solution with commercial hurdles.
  • Shipping is the least emissions intensive way of moving cargo but with freight demand on the rise, companies must find ways of reducing emissions further.
  • NYK Line and Maersk lead in business readiness for a low-carbon transition with NS United KK and COSCO S.ET lagging.



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