In response to market needs, CDP is taking a sector-focused approach to disclosure and scoring in 2018 for our climate change, forests and water security requests.
This evolution in disclosure will build upon forward-looking metrics such as carbon pricing and science-based targets to indicate the progress companies are making. It ensures we continue to ask the right questions and gather the most meaningful data for companies and investors to better understand environmental risk and opportunities. 
To advance the availability of financially relevant information for global markets, we are aligning our information request with the recommendations from Mark Carney’s Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures. This harmonization will help to create efficiencies and optimize the reporting process for companies. 
Please read this blog to find out more about how this move to sectors benefits companies.
Preparing your 2018 response
2018 questionnaires and new technical notes are now available to view on the guidance page. To begin drafting your response, please select the sectors relevant to your company when viewing the questionnaires and use the “Export to Word” button.
Please visit here for detailed information. 

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