CDP Water Program

In 2015 with the support of Garanti Bank, the CDP Water Program have been initiated in Turkey by Sabancı University Corporate Governance Forum.

CDP believes that the private sector needs to take responsibility for water and encourages them to take action by offering a platform to disclose their water use and impact on water resources. To protect water resources, CDP is acting on behalf of 590 corporate investors representing $110 trillion in assets and is calling on the world's leading companies to take action on water protection.

CDP Water Program within the scope of Turkey invited 50 companies from BIST 100 list, which are the companies in the sectors most exposed to risks associated with water. In 2020, 34 companies responded to the CDP Water Program in Turkey, up from 15 just four years ago. 

Further Information about the CDP Water Program can be found here.

Find the CDP Turkey 2020 Climate Change and Water Report here.